The Marist Polytechnic, Enugu.

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A 21st century Educational institution, with sufficient curricular facilities, seasoned academia, outstanding philosophy, world-class instructional standards and Global Best Practices in Educational enterprises.

That is The Marist Polytechnic, Enugu.

The Marist Polytechnic Enugu is a Pro-Science & Tech learning establishment whose objective of existence is anchored on the larger picture of the Nigerian Dream, consciously structured to equip the millennials as technocrats in the mainstream fields of contemporary endeavors.

The institution have 3 major schools(School of Business, School of Technology & School of Engineering), with an extensive breakout divisions (departments) in key sectors that commands big-time patronage in the 21st century socially-mobile economy.

We are here to serve you better and to be part of your big story in realizing your Educational dreams and achievingthe fullest potentials of your goals.

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