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Alexander Kaduna

Policemen attached to Madobi Division of the Nigerian Police have beaten to death a young man identified as Abdulkadir Nasiru over a street gang fight that occured in his neighborhood in Kano.

The father of the deceased according to reports, upon the visitation of the policemen to their house decided, as a law-abiding citizen to take his son to the station for questioning when he came back home.

It was in the process of “questioning” that the policemen got physical with Abdulkadir and started hitting him with a wooden baton. The young man retaliated & his actions eventually led to extreme assault by the men of the Police Force.

At this point, the father who couldn’t bear the pains and agony of the child being manhandled by the police had to run off from the station after repeated appeals to take it easy on him fail on deaf ears.

The father got home and asked the elder brother to go to the Police and appeal further for his brother but he (the elder brother of Abdulkadir) got there and found his brother in coma.

He was made to pay 8,000 before his unconscious body could be released to him to go to the hospital. He was finally confirmed dead upon arrival at the hospital.

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