American Rap Artist Kanye West set to stage first ever opera title Nebuchadnezzar

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LATEST WORLD NEWS Kanye West to stage first ever opera Nebuchadnezzar 44 minutes ago 222 views by  Joseph Omotayo – Popular American rapper, Kanye West, has revealed that he would be producing his first opera titled Nebuchadnezzar – The opera is modelled after the story of the biblical and ancient Babylonian king whose story serves as a significant lesson to Christians – The American rapper on his Twitter page shared a prototype of the ticket that would be sold for the event Top American rapper, Kanye West, has announced that he would be staging his first-ever opera titled Nebuchadnezzar. The rapper who just turned Christian devotee said that he would be presenting the opera come Sunday, November 24, at the Hollywood Bowl, Evening Standard reports. On his Twitter account, Kanye shared a sample of the golden ticket designed by Nick Knight and has an engraved image of the ancient Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar. It should be noted that the opera will be directed by popular Italian artist, Vanessa Beecroft, a person who is said to have collaborated with Kanye on many projects

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